HR Baits 4” Abler Hog (12 ct.)

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The 4 Inch Abler Hog is the most popular of the new generation of 'creature baits' on the market today. The 4 Inch Abler Hog is a slim bait with tails, wings and arms for lots of motion and water movement. They're made with a durable floating plastic that feels like a meal to a big bass, yet they are tough enough to stand up to getting bit again and again. We offer a great selection of colors in the Abler Hog so there's sure to be a bait to help you catch fish no matter where you are in the world. The 4 Inch  Abler Hog is available is several different color options to fit the waters in your area and comes in a package of twelve. The 4 Inch Abler Hog is made in the USA.