HR Baits 6” Big Sixy Swimbait (3 ct.)

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The Big Sixy is a 6 Inch paddle tail swimbait with molded eyes and bloodline. The Big Sixy has a hook slot in the belly and is recommended for a weighted 5/0 hook or bigger with a slow retrieve. With its lifelike swimming action, the Big Sixy is ideal for fresh and salt water applications. Anyone targeting to catch that big one then you need to have this in your tackle box. The Big Sixy is made from a floating plastic and is the toughest swimbait on the market where there is nothing like this out there. The Big Sixy was designed to mimic the bait fish throughout the waters across the United States. The Big Sixy is available in several different colors to mimic the bait fish in your water and come in a package of three. Our swimbaits are made in the USA.