Spearpoint Performance EWG - Wide Gap Hook - 6 Pack

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Our Black Nickel Finished Hook was designed with the Laws of Physics in mind. Spearpoint Performance Hooks Patent Pending V Grip Technology forces the fish to the "V" of the hook which holds the fish in place to dramatically increase landing ratios. Spearpoint Hooks was built to work with most popular baits on the market making easy rigging. Spearpoint Hooks is designed to be the Ultimate Performance Hook. The patent pending design, paired with the sticky sharp piercing point, help deliver rock solid hooksets. This hook is perfect for light line Finesse Flipping, Texas-Rigging, Carolina-Rigging, and more. We recommend a 8-12lb fluorocarbon test for these medium gauge hooks.

Spearpoint Performance Hooks will make your competitors envy you!

-Black Nickel Finish
-Sticky Sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
-Patent Pend design for ultimate fish holding power
-Improved hook sets
-Ultimate landing ratios